The Islands

Omroep MAX

In this series, biologist and writer Midas Dekkers provides a poetic view of the Wadden islands, off the north coast of the Netherlands. This special and vulnerable area is close to his heart, and shows that nature and tourism do not always mix. In six episodes spanning all the seasons, Dekkers explores the islands on his Solex bike, ending up on the famous Waddenzee tidal flats. He observes, meets people, and provides a strikingly beautiful portrait of the islands’ inhabitants, landscapes, and customs.


Directed by Arjan Van Engen
Presented by Midas Dekkers
Cinematography Jacko van ‘t Hof & Maarten Van Rouveroy

Executive producer Caroline Verkade
Production Julia Klaver & Maureen Janse de Jonge & Sanne Fleskens
Sound recordists Daan Arens & Peter Suyderhoud
Editor Jouke Dubel
Re-recording mixer Joost Oskamp & Stefan de Groen Studio Allee
Colorist Gerhard van der Beek
Music composer Arrien Molema
Research Michiel Galle
Editor in chief Paul Beek & Wilko Brandsma