What happens when you grow up in a religious community and one day you no longer feel at home? In the four-part series ‘Freethinkers’ Özcan Akyol talks to six young people with different religious backgrounds about doubt, coming-out, rediscovering yourself, the freedom gained and the price you pay for it.


Research & Directed by Eva de Breed
Camera Pim Hawinkels
Editing Sander Cijsouw
Presented by Özcan Akyol
Sound Anneloes Pabbruwee
Light Denny Schoute & Maxime Pottuit
Mixage Joost Oskamp
Grading Gerhard van der Beek
Design Studio Minsk
Production Jorike Verlaan, Pol van Veen & Sien Uyttewaal
Executive producer Marit Gerritsen
Producer Paul Beek
Final editing HUMAN Kees van Vlaanderen