Still Water ~ 2023


Still Water, the new film by Simonka de Jong, follows three families who must learn to cope with the reality of having a child, brother or sister with cancer. The film poignantly shows how all members of the family are shaken up by the disease, but is mainly about the great resilience the families have and how important it is to hold on to each other and keep talking. Even when you don’t know exactly what to say.



Directed by Simonka de Jong
Editing Albert Markus
Camera Adri Schrover & Wiro Felix
Sound Mark Wessner
Underwater camera Bas Andries
Mixing Jeroen Goeijers
Grading Xandra ter Horst
Post-production Pol van Veen
Executive producer Marit Gerritsen
Producer Paul Beek & Wilko Brandsma
Final editing EO Margit Balogh
Editing EO Judith Vreriks