The World of the Chinese (part 2)


A new season of ‘The World of the Chinese’. China and the Chinese are still conquering the world. Ruben Terlou discovers in five different countries how they are doing it. Not with an army but with investments, infrastructure projects and with lots of Chinese living and working outside of China.


Creative producer Ruben Terlou
Research Wiesje Kuijpers
Camera Pim Hawinkels
Sound Sander Den Broeder
Composition Jorien van Nes
Montage Rinze Schuurman & Milika de Jonge
Production Jorike Verlaan & Pol van Veen
Composer Jaap van Keulen
Mixing Joost Oskamp
Color correction Gerhard van der Beek
Design Tiepes
Producer Wilko Brandsma & Paul Beek
Production VPRO Mariska Schneider
Final editing VPRO Hans Simonse