Upside down from the Americas ~ 2023


Waldemar Torenstra goes on another adventure. This time he travels in the footsteps of a hidden history: that of the original inhabitants of the Americas, from North to South. What can today’s Americas learn from their strength and cultural richness? And from their colonial history?



Presentation Waldemar Torenstra
Directed by & camera Arjan van Engen
Editing Rienk Leendertse
Sound Thomas Sykora
Research Yvette Nieuwstad
Production Jorike Verlaan & Pol van Veen
Sound editing Joost Oskamp & Stefan de Groen
Grading Gerhard van der Beek
Design Kinsmen Collective
Executive producer Marit Gerritsen
Creative producer Waldemar Torenstra
Producer Paul Beek & Wilko Brandsma
Final editing BNNVARA Rosanne Blommers
Producer BNNVARA Sander van den Eeden