Along the banks of the Yangtze


A six-part series in which photographer Ruben Terlou travels from Shanghai, the most westernized part of China, to the much more traditional Tibetan city of Shangri-La. Through the stories of people he meets along the 6,300-kilometre river, Ruben discovers the real China, forty years after Mao’s death.


Director & sound recordist Maaik Krijgsman
Presenter & photographer Ruben Terlou
Cinematography Joost van Herwijnen
Editor Pelle Asselbergs
Script & final assembly Maaik Krijgsman
Researchers Sasha Ourikh & Yu Ma & Ruben Terlou
Executive producer Wilko Brandsma & Paul Beek
Producer Nina Huisman
Re-recording mixer Joost Oskamp Studio Allee
Colorist Gerhard van der Beek
Graphic design Tiepes