Clear Language


In the four-part series “Clear Language,” Loes Luca explores what it means to be low-literate. Because imagine how to decipher a leaflet if you have trouble reading and writing? How do you go shopping or take the streetcar? At least two and a half million people in the Netherlands struggle with low literacy. But hardly anyone talks about it. That has to change.

Directed by Fleur Amesz
Presentation Loes Luca
Research Janneke Geertsma, Fleur Amesz, Debbie Kleijn & Lieza Röben
Camera Albert Stokkers, Gijs Wilbers, Jacko van ‘t Hof & Milton Kam
Sound Gerben Kokmeijer, Jeroen Les & Daan Arens
Editing Floor Rodenburg, NCE
Production Mirte Hartlief & Pol van Veen
Audio editing Huibert Boon
Grading Xandra ter Horst
Design Motionshow, Ruben van Esterik
Executive Producer Marit Gerritsen & Pieter Cerutti
Producer Paul Beek & Wilko Brandsma