Become who you are

Publicis & Randstad

The ‘Become Who You Are’  films of Randstad showcase how they help people. A campaign that focuses on the stories of real people. Each person more and more becomes who he or she is through their careers with Randstad.

This portrait is part of the campaign ‘ Become Who You Are’ of Randstad. They speak about the road travelled in their (professional) lives, which choices they make and where they eventually wind up. Take Anne. Anne had a great job. After the birth of her son, who was born with mental impairments, she discovered what truly mattered to her. She changed course. The portraits were a part of the larger Randstad ‘Become Who You Are’ campaign developed in cooperation with Publicis.


Director Jasper ten Berge
Producer Bing Gall
Cinematography Roel van ‘t Hof
Editor Daan Wijdeveld
Colorist Gerhard van der Beek
Re-recording mixer Studio Allee