Form follows Function


Every day we drink from glasses, put on our sneakers, sit on the toilet, and get on our bikes. We use these everyday objects as a matter of course, but designer Christien Meindertsma takes nothing for granted. In this programme, she finds out why wine glasses, bicycles, bras, houseplants, glasses, mobile phones, toilets, and sneakers have the shape they have. By looking at these items more closely, she makes some surprising discoveries: their development doesn’t always follow an obvious course.


Directed byTim van Gils
Presented by Christien Meindertsma
Cinematography Albert Stokkers & Joost van Herwijnen & Bruce Amende
Direction consultant Tom Roes
Creative advisor Jeroen Junte
Executive producer Caroline Verkade
Editorial board Erna de Kort
Research Nina de Vriendt & Gijs Vroom & Belle Braakhekke
Production Fleur Janssen & Dexter van der Voorn & Bert De Sloovere
Production assistants Eva Sierksma & Djoeke Oeij
Sound Daan Arens & Stefan de Groen & Lucas van Eck
Editors Michiel Hazebroek & Jouke Dubel
Soundmixage Stefan de Groen & Joost Oskamp Studio Allee
Grading Gerhard van der Beek
Design Kinsmen Collective
Media management Ray de Koning
Clothing Monique van Heist