Morality during war

Omroep Max

In “Morality during war” gifted storyteller Diederik van Vleuten invites us into the lives and tales of ordinary people who encountered something extraordinary. Why? Because it was war. Due to these circumstances some were made to go into hiding, another collaborated with the Germans, whilst still another became a hero of the resistance, but made a fatal mistake by liquidating the wrong person. This  would cost him dearly after the war.

Some say there is only right and wrong, but actually in between there are countless shades of grey. ‘What would you do?’ a question that keeps rising both on a conscious and a more subconscious level.


Director Bas Vink
Presenter Diederik van Vleuten
Script Ad van Liempt
Executive producer Judith Reuten
Producers Sanne Fleskens & Jorike Verlaan
Editor in chief Paul Beek
Researchers Wiesje Kuijpers & Ruben Messelink
Cinematography Mladen Vekic
Editor Ilja Lammers
Sound recordists Lion Timmerman & Gert Aasman
Make-up Vanessa de Lepper (studio)
Graphic design Arthur Reinders Folmer Ontwerp Typografie & Illustratie & Kamiel van Eeuwijk