The Sleepless


For ‘The Sleepless’ we followed sleepless people in the dead of night. Radio icon Frits Spits made a week of radio with and about night owls and wackos. He found out who they are and why they don’t sleep. In this series we take a look in the radio studio and follow ‘The Sleepless’ into the safety of their bedrooms.


Presentation Frits Spits
Direction Lieza Röben
Editing Jaap Friso & Lieneke Lange
Production Jorike Verlaan & Pol van Veen
Camera Stijn van Santen, Roel van ‘t Hoff
Sound by Bram Boers & Bram Meindersma
Editing Milika de Jonge
Mixing Joost Oskamp
Grading Jan Jaap Kuiper
Final editing Carry Waalderbos
Final editing KRONCRV Svenja Ottevanger
Executive producer Marit Gerritsen
Producer Paul Beek
Based on a format of The Chinese