Looted Art & Restitution

Restitution Committee

During the Nazi regime, art was looted from (mostly) Jewish owners on a large scale. Art that now hangs on the walls of living rooms, museums and governments. The Restitutions Committee issues recommendations and takes care of the restitution of these works. The documentary ‘Looted Art & Restitution’ gives an insight into the work of this committee, shows how complex tracing history can be, and shows the emotional process of relatives who see a long-lost work of art again.


Directed by & Producer Paul Beek
Research & direction Eva de Breed
Camera Thomas Kist & Pim Hawinkels & Mark Bakker
Sound Tim van Peppen & Sander den Broeder & Mike van der Sluis
Executive Producer Marit Gerritsen
Production Sien Uyttewaal & Pol van Veen
Restitution Committee Saskia Cohen & Jaap Cohen