Paris, the year after


Violence, grief and fear defined 2015 for the city of Paris. The attacks of January and November truly tested the resilience and strength of the city. Over a million people took to the streets, the famous Place de la Republique became a public place of mourning. This film follows a number of Parisians, among them former Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, over the course of this harrowing year.


Director Pieter van den Blink
Director & cinematography Paul Cohen
Uitvoerend producent Paul Beek
Research Leila Djitli
Producers Gregory Dauman & Adrien Dournel
Sound recordist Marc Schmidt
Editor Patrick Janssens
Re-recording mixer Huibert Boon
Colorist Jef Grosfeld
Color grader Ruud de Bruyn
Voice-over Paul Witteman