My Matthew passion


My Matthaus is a film about impassioned amateur performers singing Bach’s Matthäus Passion. Their intimate stories about separation, suffering and consolation bring the Biblical themes back to human measures. The choirboy with a cracking voice, the man whos’ life is centering on getting older and saying goodbye, and the woman who found comfort in singing after a great personal loss. All individuals have their own connection to the Matthäus Passion. Their moving stories combined with the music as its décor make it hard to ever listen to the Matthäus in the same way again.


Director & script Simonka de Jong
Cinematography Adri Schrover & Jaap Veldhoen
Sound recordists Mark Wessner & Wouter Veldhuis
Editors Danniel Danniel NCE & Diego Guttierez
Research Monique Lesterhuis
Script advice Mart Dominicus
Re-recording mixer Jeroen Goeijers
Grading Martin Klein
Producer Nina Huisman
Mediamanagement Dylan Werkman