Deal with it


Shamira Raphaëla travels all over the world directing successful television productions. Her life contrasts sharply with those of her beloved father and brother, who find themselves in the revolving door of crime and drug abuse, often calling on her for help and more than once causing a split between them. In this intimate family portrait we enter the chaotic and colourful world of her drug-dealing, heroin-addicted father Pempy and her brother Andy, who just can’t seem to stay on the right track.


Directed by Shamira Raphaëla
Cinematography Jefrim Rothuizen
Editor Albert Markus
Coaching Catharine van Campen
Sound Diego van Uden
Additional camera Greg Telussa
Grading Sandor van Veen
Audio mixing Jeroen Goeijers
Title design Sander Brouwer
Production Nina Huisman
Media management Willem Kort
special thanks to Pempy and Andy