The Pink Dagger


When Bo and Stef decide that the time is ripe for children, their lives are plunged into unpredictability. Of course this is nothing new; anyone deciding to have their first child steps into a new world, filled with questions they’ve never had to think about until then. But while this special journey usually takes place behind closed doors, Bo and Stef turn it into a four-part series, full of humour and self-mockery, about the road to parenthood at a time when everything seems possible.


Idea, presented by Bo Jeuken
Research Rishu Veldhuis & Bo Jeuken
Production Sanne Fleskens & Judith Reuten & Yael van der Schelde
Camera 1 Albert Stokkers
Camera 2 Sander Roeleveld & Joris Schouten
Edited by Tim van der Maden