Chinese Dreams


In this third series, Ruben Terlou takes us through China again. This time he explores how Chinese people see their own, their children’s, and their country’s futures. He experiences how rapidly China is developing under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, and how this is affecting the lives of ordinary individuals. Once again Ruben finds himself in exceptional situations, meets extraordinary people, and sees some dreams coming true and others being shattered.


Directed by & sound Jeroen de Greef
Presentation & photography Ruben Terlou
Camera Joost van Herwijnen & Peter Vancraesbeek
Editing Jan van der Weken
Composition Ruben Terlou & Jeroen de Greef
Research René van ‘t Erve
Executive producer Marit Gerritsen
Production Jorike Verlaan
Mixage Joost Oskamp Studio Allee
Grading John Thorborg
Design Tiepes
Translation & Subtitling Annie Ming
Production vpro Nicole Frints
Editorial board vpro Hans Simonse
Producer Wilko Brandsma